What it Means to be an Eagle


The University of Mary Washington is rich in traditions.  Founded in 1908 and named after Mary Ball Washington, mother of George Washington, its distinguished history includes many years as the women’s college of the University of Virginia.  Soon after becoming co-ed in the early 1970s, it became independent of UVA and, in 2004 was renamed the University of Mary Washington.

As a public, liberal arts university, our community is dedicated to providing a diverse, accepting, and supportive environment that holds all of its members to the highest standards of conduct, scholarship, integrity, inclusiveness, respect, and engagement. Through a commitment to these values, we strive to transform our academic community into a place where all will learn, thrive, and grow. As faculty, staff, and students of the community, we are committed to upholding these common values carrying on the UMW name.

  • Accountability – we promote practices, behaviors, and attitudes where individuals take responsibility for their actions and decisions.
  • Scholarship – we promote intellectual inquiry by engaging ideas and one another in order to gain better understanding and contribute to knowledge.
  • Personal and Institutional Integrity – we are honorable in our academic and work endeavors as well as our interactions with others.
  • Inclusive Excellence – we strive for all members of the community to have equitable access to opportunities for participation and the resources necessary for success.
  • Respect and Civility – we foster an environment in which every individual is treated with dignity at all times by valuing the inherent worth of all identities, abilities, and differences.
  • Engagement – we develop engaged members of our community who actively participate in the community through responsible leadership and service.

We ASPIRE to live these values and work to support our collective and individual successes.

And as always, “It’s a great day to be an Eagle!”

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