Meet the Furry Friends of the Admissions Team

Ever wonder how the UMW Admissions team reviews thousands of applications, assists hundreds of prospective students, and hosts a number of different events all from the comfort of our homes? We definitely don’t do it alone. Here are some of our most paw-ssential co-workers, we thought it was about time you met them. 

Boof & Cato

Boof helps make each day brighter for Diane Willinghan, Assistant Director of Admission & Special Events, with his playful spirit and adorable antics. Cato, the very curious cat, opens doors to visit her home office, sometimes sits at the window, or just falls asleep under the desk.



Wicket loves to cuddle and make Takera Zajac, Admissions Counselor and Alum, take a break from the long day of staring at her computer screen.  



Mara works alongside Olivia Lehman, a Mary Wash alum & Admissions Counselor. She especially likes to step on keyboards to help Olivia compose emails when she is assisting her students.


Captain & Finnegan

Captain lets Amanda Hart, Assistant Director of Admissions, know when it’s time to take breaks and go for a walk. She also can always count on Finnegan to remind her to open a window for a cool breeze, and to always notify her when it is lunchtime. 



Camden works alongside Adam Moore, our Regional Recruiter in Maryland. Cam loves hanging out and taking naps in Adam’s office, clearly providing the moral support Adam needs while he works.


Transitioning to teleworking has been ruff, but every day Takoda finds the time to take Natalie Davis, an Alum and Admissions Counselor, for a lunchtime walk. If they’re not taking a walk, you can find Takoda interrupting Zoom calls with kisses, and trying to pretend he’s an 85 pound lap dog. 



Charlie is still a puppy and he works with Christine, the Office Manager for Admissions.  Charlie likes to help with lots of things, though he tends to sleep through Zoom meetings.  His most important job is to convince Christine to go for a walk at lunch time!


Lina, short for Thumbelina, always keeps one eye on Kelsey Proctor, our Welcome Center Assistant, and one eye on the phones. Although she can’t answer your calls herself, Lina’s glassy stare provides essential oversight in keeping things running smoothly.  



Gus is truly Mary Wash’s #1 fan. His skills of napping in the home office, excessive puppy dog face, and howling (he is part hound) excitedly during zoom meetings are ways he stays involved in the workday of Associate Director of Admissions and Alum, Sarah Lindberg.

Odin & Oscar

Odin                                Oscar

Odin and Oscar spend most of their days sleeping, but always seem to find the time in their busy schedules to wake up as soon as Director of Admissions, Melissa Yakabuski, gets on a call or Zoom meeting. During those important meetings, they always choose to help out and contribute their great ideas through barking and playing in the middle of her home office (aka: dining room). 


We are so glad you’ve gotten to meet our friends that are working behind the scenes with us to aid in the enrollment process. Want to find out which Admissions pet is cheering you on, future Eagles? Make sure to check who your Admissions Counselor is here, and to see which furry friend is helping them while at home: 


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