9 Items to Leave at Home When Moving Into Your Res Hall

Move-in day is right around the corner and we are probably just excited as you  to have you on campus! Between prepping, packing, and saying goodbyes- you have a lot of thinking and planning to do. We wanted to make it easy so you knew what you should leave home while preparing to start your first year as an Eagle. If you haven’t checked out or list of things to pack- check that out. But, here are a few things to remember to leave at home when moving into your residence hall in the Fall. 


1.Air conditioners or space heaters

All of our residence halls are now air conditioned (yay) and you have the ability to control it in your room, but if you need a bit more air-flow, a little fan is totally okay to bring!

2.Animals (alive or dead) 

Unfortunately, you can not bring your guinea pig or cat, but you could volunteer at the Fred SPCA to get your pet fix. Exceptions: approved service animals and fish kept as pets in a 10-gallon or smaller aquarium. 


3.Candles (with or without wicks), candle/wax melt/warmers, and incense.

No candles, but if you’re looking for a way to get your room smelling fresh- essential oils and diffusers are the way to go. 

4.Curtains and draperies 

Each room does have blinds, but you can’t have these unless they have a tag displaying fire-retardant information or have been treated with fire-retardant spray. The spray container and receipt must be kept on file to provide as proof when needed.

5.Electrical cooking appliances 

Sorry pal, you can’t have microwaves, toaster ovens or any electrical cooking appliances without an automatic shut-off such as coffee/tea pot, or any electrical appliances with an open heating element (hot plates, crock pots, rice cookers, instapots, and indoor grills). But, each Res hall is equipped with a kitchenette for your use, so feel free to bring your kitchen supplies so you can master your culinary skills. 

6.Extension cords

I know you wanted your room to be full of extension cords, but you’re just out of luck. You can only have a multiple outlet-type with built-in fuses and/or surge protector- safety first!

7.Fabric hanging on walls (including tapestries)


Combustible items such as flags may be displayed if framed under glass or acrylic/plexiglass. 

8. Hoverboards, mopeds or other fuel-powered or motorized vehicles. 

Leave that hoverboard at home, but bicycles may be stored in rooms as long as a clear exit emergency path is evident. Bicycles must be registered with University Police and should be stored in bike racks/storage areas when stored outside.

9.Refrigerators 4.5 cubic feet and larger. 

One mini-fridge is permitted in a single, double, and triple room; quads may have two mini-refrigerators.  Fridges must be plugged directly into the wall. You still have access to the common space fridge if you need it too!


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