10 Residence Hall Room Essentials

There are lots of things you’ll want to bring to make your residence hall your new home. To help you narrow it down we’ve compiled a list of the top ten items you should think about packing.

1. Storage Bins

Storage bins will help you stay organized, which is essential when you’re living in a shared space. You can place them inside dressers to divide your drawers or set them on your shelves. Use them to hold clothes, craft items, or school supplies. The possibilities are endless! They come in many colors and materials. Larger storage bins with lids or rolling drawers are great for moving in and under the bed storage as well.

2. Shower Caddy

Depending on where you live, you may have to walk down the hall to the bathroom. Having a shower caddy makes it simple—just grab your caddy and go!

3. Shoe Rack

Another way to save space and stay organized is to have a shoe rack. There are many kinds, but some of the most convenient and popular are over-the-door options.Even if you don’t have a ton of shoes, these can be really great for storing all kinds of things! 

4. Mattress Topper

Changing beds can sometimes be a challenge to your sleep patterns, so bringing a comfy mattress topper is the best way to bring home to your res hall! Just make sure it is a twin XL and that your sheets will still fit over it.

5. Long Phone Charger

The worst feeling is having your phone die during the night because you forgot to plug in your charger. Having a long phone charger makes this a non-issue! Your bed may be a little taller than you’re used to, and a longer charger means you don’t have to worry about pulling the charger out of the wall. Remember—extension cords are not allowed!

6. Power Strip

We all have more than one piece of technology, and you will most likely bring lamps, fans, and even printers and refrigerators…all of which need to be plugged in or charged. Arranging rooms around outlets can be tricky, so having a power strip-with surge protectors- or two definitely can save you lots of trouble. Just make sure your power strip comes with a surge protector so it’s not a fire hazard! 

7. Laundry Basket

Top two things to look for in a laundry basket? Durability and size. How well will the laundry basket hold up walking down the hall or being jammed in the back of your car for a long weekend home? Also, make sure you think about the size…the bigger it is, the longer you can wait to do laundry.

8. Desk Hutch or Shelves

In limited spaces, you want to build up! Having extra shelf space on your desk maximizes your space and, once again, helps with organization. Shelves of any kind are a great idea…add some in your closet or under your bed if you can!

9. Cleaning Supplies and Sanitation Products

Mary Wash does a great job keeping common spaces in our residence halls and buildings sanitary, but you may want to bring supplies to keep your personal space clean. In order to maintain a healthy living environment, consider bringing your own cleaning supplies- especially if you’re in a suite-style room, including: Lysol wipes, soap, hand sanitizer, and bathroom cleaner (if you share a bathroom).

10. Pictures

Last, but certainly not least, bring pictures! I always loved looking at my new friends’ pictures in their rooms. It led to great conversations and I learned so much about their families and friends from home. It’s really easy and not too expensive to pick a few (or a hundred) pictures off your phone and print them at Walmart or your local drugstore, like Walgreens or CVS.


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