An Eagles-Eye-View of Our Top 10 Favorite Places on Campus

Spring is one of our favorite seasons here at UMW. The trees are in bloom, the end of the semester is in sight, and students are all around campus in their favorite spots. We sent our good friend, Sammy D. Eagle to ask a few alum what their favorite places on campus were, so we wanted to share. We can’t wait for you to come and enjoy all these places and find your favorite spot too! 


1. Amphitheater

The romantic Heslep Amphitheater and Morris Stage are a Mary Washington staple. Originally built in 1923, the recently renovated outdoor space has been home to many performances, commencement activities, wedding ceremonies, and an all around favorite- outside class. 

2. James Farmer Study Rooms

Located in the newly named, James Farmer Hall, these study rooms are a well-kept UMW secret! Tucked away off the corners of the rotunda, these spaces are equipped with vintage UMW chairs and long desks for all your studying needs.


3. Campus Walk Benches

Bench-sitting is a favorite activity of Mary Wash students. What is Bench Sitting?



4. Gates to Sunken Road 

Stroll down Sunken Road and through the Mary Washington College gates, where the plaque bearing its name is still fixed. Built in 1936, the historic gate and tree-lined path make the gates a scenic way to enter campus, especially in the fall and springtime.


5. Monroe or Palmeri Fountain

The Palmeri or “Monroe Fountain” is located on Campus Walk just beyond the front steps of Monroe Hall, Virginia Hall and Willard Hall. It is one of the travelled parts of campus and was constructed in . On hot days students like to lounge, stick their feet in the water and even swim. Make sure you swim in the fountain prior to graduation, it’s a UMW tradition!


6. Ball Circle

Holding Commencement, Holi, Devil Goat Day, and tons of other events, Ball Circle is a hub for student activity. Located in the center of campus directly in front of the University Center, the grassy lawn is excellent for a picnic, a study session, or a concert. It’s name is taken from one of the oldest and classiest halls on campus, Ball Hall.


7. Melchers Lawn

Melcher’s was built in the 1950’s as part of the Fine Arts Center, along with Dupont and Pollard. The grassy lawn out front has tons of room to sprawl out and do some sketching. After, you can  hit up the Ridderhof Martin Gallery and enjoy its rotating exhibitions, only a few steps away. Melcher’s is easy to find with it’s recognizable red column in the distance.


8. Library tree houses

A great place for when you need some quiet and a change of perspective, the Tree Houses are study cubbies that are stacked on top of one another! You can find these unique study spaces on the third floor of Simpson Library.


9. Monroe Hall Lobby

One of the original buildings on campus, Monroe Hall has always been a special place. The lobby is particularly unique in that it still displays the original murals, painted by UMW students and dating back to the early 1900’s.


10. Bridge to Seacobeck 

A spot on campus that hasn’t gotten much use over the last few years with the renovation of Seacobeck hall, but will become popular once again when the building reopens in January of 2022.  The Bridge to Seacobeck has been “the spot” for a number of graduation cap and gown photoshoots and marriage proposals. It is shaded by beautiful greenery with a small creek running underneath it.


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